Personalized Tours

No two individuals are similar. They are different in their preferences, priorities and style of traveling. And that’s why our travel planners design an exclusive package for you so that you can explore countries at your own pace and convenience. Their sound knowledge of different destinations, familiarity with the amenities and modes of transport and tariff prevailing there come in handy to create the most practical plans tailor-made for you.

Personal care and planning are the hallmarks of our personalized tours that enable you to see what you want to see and the way you want to see! We allow you to experience a destination at your own pace through its people, culture, history and environment.

Right from the mode of transport, we give you a rich and varied option. You can choose from high-decked charter buses, minibuses, shuttles, vans and luxury coaches operated by our associates to relax and enjoy the ride.

We bring you close to individuals and institutions who can assist you in your quest and answer questions on your area of interest. Here is a list of things that you can do with our assistance:
  • Savor a variety of palate-tickling local cuisine
  • Visit ashrams where you get a feel of India’s time-tested stress-beating techniques like the Yoga
  • Interact with the underprivileged sections with the help of NGOs
  • Mingle with kids in a panchayat primary school
  • Donate books or play equipment to the children
  • Involve yourself in developmental work in a village
Well, there is any number of possibilities that can slake your wanderlust. Disclaimer an eParampara design